Anywhere USB 8+


Model: Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus
Base Hardware: (1) RJ45 10/100/1 Gig/10 Gig Ethernet, (1) SFP+ Port, (8) USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A) Ports
Mounting Accessory: Rack mount extension kit for use in 19” 1U rack (included)
Wi-Fi: Not Included
Remote Management: Digi Remote Manager
Power Connector: Phoenix Connector
Accessories: Power Supply Included

Key applications include:

Warehouse logistics
Retail Point of Sale (POS)
Retail tracking scanners
Restaurant kitchens
Manufacturing lines
Software license key fob management

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USB Connectivity Anywhere
Rapidly deploy, configure, secure and manage devices at any distance

In the IoT world, the technological evolution is accelerating and expanding, which drives the need to continuously update deployed devices with new features and firmware. As a network engineer, you need a consistent, secure and cost-effective way to verify that your IoT infrastructure is configured correctly and fully operational as it continues to expand. You also need flexible methods to test, provision, confirm and resolve any connectivity issues related to scaled deployments of IoT devices. Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus lets you readily manage a large volume of USB devices with minimal effort.




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