Contrive Avior 2900.CL.4B 2G/3G/4G Cellular + WiFi + I/O Gateway

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Contrive Avior wifi + cellular 2G/3G/4G modem + battery, 9-27VAC power supply + 5V power supply from RJ45 socket, 6 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 4 relay outputs

Contrive Avior Model 2900.CL.4B comes with 4G/3G/2G Connectivity. This is an industrial DIN rail unit for supervision and control through WiFi and cellular networks. Avior can work both as a passive remote controller managed by remote commands (CLOUD) or as a programmable controller deploying actions in response of events (EDGE).


The unit requires the following parts which are sold separately

Antennae: The unit does not come with an antenna included as standard. This is due to the various geographical locations the unit may be used in. Please choose an antenna from a list of accessories on the main Contrive product page.

A configuration cable for setting the unit up and programming the I/O’s

The configuration cable is a USB to RJ45 cable – Part Number 2505.00.03

A Micro SD card enables the unit to act as a web server and also allows for additional functionality such as the use of customised web pages.

Micro SD Card – Part Number 2900.SD.01

Avior has many input, output and communication CHANNELS, each of them can be enabled or disabled and can trigger events:

• Six digital inputs including pulse counter and time counter features
• Four software configurable analog inputs
• Four dry contact relay outputs
• Wiegand interface
• Infrared transmitter and receiver
• Com port (command and transparent mode)
• Local and remote expandability
• Dual power supply with monitoring and working time counter
• Backup battery with monitoring and working time counter
• Filesystem and SDcard interface up to 32 GB
• Upgrade over the air (command)

Avior can receive commands and send by emails, chat messages, HTTP links.

All units provide WiFi and Bluetooth communication. Additional features available for units equipped with cellular communication for 2G 3G and 4G networks:
• Send and receive SMS
• Send and receive phone calls
• Play audio file during phone calls
• Detect keyboard commands during phone calls
• Provide fallback connectivity when WiFi is not available

Avior can be used as-is when it is controlled from remote (CLOUD).
Avior can also work independently (EDGE) and be programmed by means of RULES (up to 500).
A rule is activated by a TRIGGER EVENT associated with a channel (i.e.: input change, incoming email, infrared command, wiegand code, etc).

Up to 5 optional CONDITIONS can be set for each rule (i.e: status of an input, analog input measured value, last wiegand code, etc).
Existing conditions will be verified once the rule is activated.
Up to 5 ACTIONS can be set to be deployed when rule is triggered and conditions verified.

Avior activates a WebServer when an SDcard containing web pages that can represent the interface of the device is inserted. From this interface it is possible to program, control and manage the device through the WiFi network.
The PASSWORD must be provided to access the device.
Removing the SDcard the WebServer stops, so it can be inserted even just for configuration and maintenance operations.
Avior can be requested with the SDcard already installed, including the entire set of web pages that can be easily COPIED AND MODIFIED.

ModbusTCP SERVER over WiFi
Avior can activate a MODBUS TCP server over WiFi network. Up to 4 clients can connect to the server and request various coils, input and holding register status; a client can also setup coils and holding registers.

ModbusRTU MASTER over COM port
Avior can work as a MODBUS RTU master by reaching peripherals connected to the COM port. Up to 247 addressable devices with access to coils and registers for read / write functions.




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Contrive Avior Quick Start Guide


Quick Start Guide for Configuring the Contrive. Included diagrams for set up and wiring instructions

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