Atlantic Wireless Telecommunications – Mission Critical Industrial IoT Pilot Kits.

Our range of Pilot Kits allow users to develop and test their applications for a period of up to six months.  We include a combination of RF Point to Point radio, GSM, Satellite, LoRA and Wi-Fi with free data plans, sim cards and a Trial license for use in Ireland for the duration of the research.   Our test kits comprise mainly of one primary radio transmission type with a fall-back to another type. This could be Cellular with fall-back to Satellite,  RF radio with fall-back to Cellular or LoRA with fall-back to Cellular or vica -versa. These test kits would be ideal for use in Marine applications, Offshore Wind Farms and for research and development in Mobile Healthcare and the emergency services.


  1. SatCell-1000 includes a Satel XPRS Router, 2 radio modems, a choice of a digital or analogue I/O device and an industrial grade cellular LTE modem.  The kit comes with all accessories including programming cable, power supply or battery, standard antenna. A 6 month sim with a fixed IP address and with 250MB data allowance per month, a VPN and connectivity to 540 Cellular networks in 180 countries. Also included is a trial UHF RF licence for anyone testing their applications in Ireland. This license is valid for up to six months.  Click here for full details