Satellite can be used as an alternative to RF or Cellular Communications. It may be that the application is hosted in a very mountainous area or out at sea where there no cellular coverage and distance prohibits RF point to point communication.

A satellite is an object that orbits the earth. The moon is Earth’s original, natural satellite, and there are many man-made satellites now currently in use.

To understand why satellites move this way, we must visit Newton. Newton laws maintain that a force — gravity — exists between any two objects in the universe. This force prevents a satellite placed above earth from moving in a straight line. The force is balanced by a gravitational attraction from the center of the planet.

A satellite orbits the earth in an elliptical manner around two points known as foci.  Earth is situated at one of the foci. The force applied to the satellite is not equal as it orbits the earth and the speed of the satellite changes constantly. It moves faster when it’s closer to the planet  and slower when it’s further from the planet.

Satellites Orbiting Earth

Some of the many Satellites orbiting the earth – Courtesy NASA

There are many types of Satellite currently in use. The ones we are most familiar with are Broadcast Satellite which broadcasts Television signals and Weather Satellites which help us forecast the weather. Other satellite in use are Communications, Military and Navigational, Rescue and Scientific Satellites.

Communications Satellites use transponders. These are radios that receive a signal from earth at one frequency, amplify it and transmits it back to earth at another frequency.


Space Satellite

A Typical Satellite

One of the Satellites used for data communications is the Iridium Satellite which is used for phone and machine to machine (m2m) Satellite Communications. It costs less then others making is suitable for data communications. As with other forms of communication you should check the type of application you are using and the location before deciding on Satellite.

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