High quality, robust, secure and reliable solutions

We provide customised, high secure, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Broadband connectivity solutions for Governments, Semi-State bodies and SME’s in the EMEA region

Our Services

We operate in the M2M, IoT, Scada, Emergency Services and Business Broadband space across a wide range of industries. We focus on mission-critical applications and deliver high quality, robust, secure and reliable solutions to our customers. As every application is different we use a combination of wireless and fiber optic transmission methods to implement a solution. For example this could be a private 5G network, a licenced RF Point to Point solution with fail-over to cellular radio or vice-versa, Cellular with fail-over to Satellite. Fiber Optic with fail-over to Cellular, Satellite or RF Point to Point or vice-versa etc.


08.07.2022 We are offering a free Monogoto Sim with a fixed IP address and up to 500MB of data per month for the first 6 months with every cellular router purchased from us. Monogoto offer some of the most secure sims in the world, have global coverage of 550 telecoms networks and use powerful api's that add functionality to any application. Please contact us for more details by phone or by emailing support@atlanticwireless.net

Make the Connection. Choose the right Product.

All our wireless products are designed to cover a wide variety of applications, enabling data to be sent over various distances using many transmission methods.

We serve the following markets:

Smart-Grid/Electricity - Emergency Services - Telemedicine/Telehealth - Meteorology - Television & Film Industry - Renewable Energy - Oil and Gas - Equine Industry - Manufacturing - Retail - Smart-Agri - Environment - Marine - Research

We offer Pre-Sales Application Support - Product Recommendations - Site Surveying - Solution Design - Wireless Integration - Installations - After Sales Training - Technical Support

We choose the best technology depending on the type of application, geographical location, availability of power, signal coverage, security requirements and the regulatory environment being operated in.

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