Inspired by Guglielmo Marconi and located at the edge of Europe, Atlantic Wireless Telecommunications is an Irish start-up company who provide wireless connectivity solutions for SME’s in the EMEA region. We have our main headquarters in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland with an exploratory office at Covent Garden, London in the UK. We operate in the M2M, IoT and SCADA space across a wide range of industries. As every application is different we use a combination of licensed and/or unlicensed wireless frequencies to implement a solution. For example this could be a stand alone 4G/5G cellular solution, LoRa with fall-back to Cellular, Cellular with fall-back to Satellite or an RF Point to Point solution with fall-back to cellular radio. We choose the best technology depending on the type of application, geographical location, availability of power, signal coverage and the regulatory environment being operated in. We believe that creativity and innovation are bywords for success and have partnered with Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, assisted by Enterprise Ireland to evaluate the market potential for new products and services. We are looking to participate in the EU Horizon 2020 program and are actively seeking potential partners to collaborate with on Research & Development projects.

Analogue Signal

Our Services Include:

Pre-Sales Application Support

Product Recommendations

Site Surveying

Solution Design

Wireless Integration


After Sales Training

Technical Support

Internet of Things

The internet of Things will be everywhere in the near future

We serve the following markets:


Oil and Gas







Hardware Suppliers

We supply wireless hardware manufactured by ABB, Digi International, Contrive and Satel & Ethernet hardware manufactured by Perle Systems.


10.10.2019 We now offer network independent Cellular M2M/IoT SIM cards with a fixed IP address hosted on a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These sims are managed by an IoT connectivity platform while a fixed IP address enables interrogation of end devices from any location. An Application Programming Interface (API) allows for further customisation including application development, added functionality and integration with business processes. These sims have no up-front costs and work on 540 mobile networks in 180 countries. Data rates cost three times less than those currently available from mobile providers. Click Here for more details

24.09.2019 See our new range of IoT Pilot Kits. This Kit enables customers to test their appplications for a period of up to six months. Click here for more information

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