TRO620 DIN Rail Mount Router, Cat-12 LTE (Global, CBRS)

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With optimal CPU, RAM and additional flash, this platform provides a flexible and secure environment for hosting third-party custom applications
Seamless uploads and downloads provide the ability to store two firmware images on the router, preventing bricked-router scenarios
IIoT methodology with OTA updates simplifies remote management. OTA supports automatic updates and rollbacks with minimal disruption
Purpose-built, comprehensive communication network management system
Optimizes network performance during planning, deployment, and ongoing management of the network
Industrial certifications including ATEX, IECEX, and other environmental certifications to operate under the most demanding conditions

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The TRO620 DIN-rail mounted cellular router provides a reliable and secure connection over public and private cellular infrastructures. This advanced communications platform combines cellular communication technology with Hitachi-ABB Power Grid’s patented Broadband Mesh functionality with an Edge Compute capability for field area networks and distribution automation.

The TRO620 provides a rich selection of connectivity:

3×3 MIMO broadband mesh based on the 802.11ac standard. This can be used for mesh backhaul or connectivity for wireless clients Gigabit fiber backhaul interface
4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for connecting wired clients
2×2 cellular antennas, providing cellular service through a selection of technologies (2G/ 3G/ 4G / P-LTE) across a large selection of bands globally
Serial interfaces providing connectivity to legacy devices already deployed in the field
TRO620 is galvanically isolated, with an industry-grade grounding pin
Optimized DC power supply and efficient power consumption ensure the TRO620 provides reliable operation for long lifecycle deployments




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