Inspired by Guglielmo Marconi and located at the edge of Europe, Atlantic Wireless Telecommunications is an Irish start-up company who provide wireless connectivity solutions to Governments, Semi-State bodies and SME’s in the EMEA region. We have our main headquarters in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland with a virtual office at Covent Garden, London in the UK. We operate in the M2M, IoT, Scada and Emergency Services space across a wide range of industries. We focus on mission-critical & business-critical applications and deliver customised, high quality, robust, secure and reliable solutions to our customers.

As every application is different we use a combination of wired and wireless transmission methods to implement a solution. For example this could be a private stand alone 4G/5G cellular network, a licenced RF Point to Point solution with fall-back to cellular radio or vice-versa, Cellular with fall-back to Satellite. Fibre Optic with fall-back to Cellular, Satellite or RF Point to Point or vice-versa etc. Alternatively we may combine multiple transmission lines, both wireline and wireless, to enhance connectivity, conserve energy and improve security.

We believe that creativity and innovation are bywords for success and have partnered with Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, assisted by Enterprise Ireland to evaluate the market for new products and services.

Telecommunication Products - Installations - Training and Support - Solution Design - Device Management

We are actively seeking potential partners to collaborate with on Research & Development projects.

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