As with all industrial communications systems designing a solution can vary from being a very simple one step, one device solution to a complicated muilti-vendor, muli-protocol solution over various transmission lines.

When choosing a product it is important that it is correct for the type of application and transmission method being used. Types of products currently on the market range from Generic models to those designed with a specific application in mind. Often the type of hardware available, interfacing, types of antenna and the various licensing requirements can be confusing. We have a list of tips you can use when choosing a wireless product.

Tips when choosing  Wireless Hardware

1. What is the transmission distance?
2. Are there any obstacles in the transmission path?
3. What type of interface are you using. Digital, Analogue, Serial Comms etc?
4. What form factor does the device connection take? i.e Terminal block, D-Sub, RJ11 or RJ45 etc.
5. Are any specific protocols being used i.e Modbus, Profibus, TCPIP etc
6. Do you have any specific security concerns

Device Management

Wireless range is often a problem for customers. If distance is a problem or there are obstacle we can can provide a range of alternatives such as Repeaters, Satellite or Cellular GSM communications hardware. With the type of interfacing being used our wireless devices come with a range of interfaces, if the interface is not present on a product we can use an add-on converter to accommodate this. Some wireless hardware supports various protocol conversions, other hardware does not, circumventing this by offering a tunnel through which the data can travel through. Finally security is an increasing area of concern when communicating using wireless technology.  We offer our customers the option of having additional security of top of the existing security that comes with our wireless products. Details of this are available on request.

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