We offer pre-sales Application support, site surveying and product recommendations. We also offer after sales technical support by phone and e-mail, remote diagnostics and call-outs. It is not absolutely necessary to have Training as full support can be given. Queries are usually dealt with within 24 hours. Technical support is given free of charge. However call-outs may incur a fee.

This is an optional service. Training is given in the area of operation and custom configuration as well as troubleshooting if there is any difficulty.

Training will cover the basic operation of the hardware, configuration, troubleshooting, some wireless communications theory and practical applications of the technology.

Training will ensure less time is is used trying to configure and operate the modems and allow a certain amount of troubleshooting before getting technical support.  It will lessen call outs and provide a better level of satisfaction for the user.

Interested in our Training and Support Service?

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